ClearObject will directly impact students and faculty by providing internship opportunities, on-campus seminars, and information sessions and by establishing R&D collaborations accessible to on-campus researchers.

The iAI program at IUPUI specifically aims to integrate quickly advancing AI technology across a variety of careers and educational formats. ClearObject will directly influence new AI bachelor’s degrees, giving students access to industry engagement outside of the University.

Director of the Institute of Integrated AI, Shiaofen Fang, sees the partnership as beneficial for students, and the future of IUPUI. “Partnerships like the one with ClearObject, ensure the institute will remain viable and relevant by…

The internet of things (IoT) has infiltrated everything from smart homes to smart factories, and it’s only becoming increasingly powerful as more devices become connected. For design, engineering, and manufacturing businesses like those that ClearObject serves, investing in IoT has significant benefits. Those benefits are also helpful to companies in many other industries, giving plenty of reasons to prioritize IoT application development. Below we outline five notable reasons your business should prioritize IoT application development.

1) Connected Devices are the Norm

As technological advancements drive down device and network costs, more devices are being connected than ever before. These connected devices generate data — mountains of…

FISHERS — One of Indiana’s biggest tech success stories is being acquired. Two equity firms have acquired a majority interest in Fishers-based Internet of Things company ClearObject. The company’s headquarters will remain in Fishers and Chief Executive Officer John McDonald will continue to lead the management team. The companies are not releasing financial terms of the transaction.

ClearObject was founded in 2010 as CloudOne, and designs, develops and manages Internet of Things-driven products and platforms. The company says the acquisition will allow it to grow its customer base around the world. As part of the deal, Egis managing partners E…

The time has come, and fleet managers need to start focusing on new metrics. ClearObject, an IoT solutions provider, explains how electric vehicles will transform the way fleet managers think about which metrics they should care about.

The Shift to Electric Vehicles Ushers in New Fleet Management Software and New Metrics

Reliability, uptime, TCO. Reliability, uptime, TCO. For the last 20+ years, there’s truly been no good reason for anybody to ask fleet managers what metrics they’re focused on. You’d almost certainly get the same answer each and every time.

For as long as fleets can remember, the calculations that resulted in uptime and TCO (total cost of ownership) have consisted primarily of fuel…

Every business today needs reliable performance and high availability from their mission-critical systems, but often providing such services lies outside the core competency of many companies. The IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) toolset is an example of a complex workload that often requires a specialized team to manage. For even large, mature organizations, managing this level of engineering work with in-house staff can take resources away from other efforts and distract from the organization’s strategic goals. …

Although the technology behind artificial intelligence (AI) is inherently sophisticated, the concept at the heart of it is anything but. AI is all about developing computer systems that are able to accomplish the types of tasks that would normally require an actual human being. Speech recognition, translation between languages, and even on-the-fly decision-making are a few of the most prominent ways in which it is used.

But for many businesses, visual perception is among the most important applications of AI.

Powered by Google technology, ClearObject’s ObjectiO vision intelligence platform is a powerful tool for the inspection of your energy infrastructure.

With ObjectiO, you can use groundbreaking photo analytics that use artificial intelligence to reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime.

How ObjectiO by ClearObject Works

ObjectiO is an artificial intelligence platform that’s powered by Google technology. It brings the latest vision intelligence machine learning capability to your existing business processes.

Built to work seamlessly with your IT infrastructure, ObjectiO is designed to detect problems in your energy systems quickly, quickly pinpointing damage and flaws that can be corrected fast.

ClearObject created the wind turbine damage detection…

As data increases and advances in specialized chip design make computing more efficient, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are becoming more accessible and advancing tremendously as a result. Industry-leading cloud companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft can now deliver this technology to startups and companies from a variety of industries, making it easier to leverage data into innovative AI and machine learning solutions.

While the terms “AI” and “machine learning” are often used interchangeably, they actually have different technical definitions. Here’s a look at what precisely artificial intelligence and machine learning are.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the broader of…

The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way companies do business. Loosely defined as the inter-connectivity of electronics and “things” with electronic sensors, IoT technology allows objects to share data in real-time without the intervention of a human. The applications are virtually endless. IoT devices help trucking companies track their vehicles, help healthcare providers monitor the vital statistics of their offsite patients, assist manufacturing companies with quality control and avoiding costly repair issues, and make it easy for retail companies to keep track of their inventory. …

Connected devices play an increasingly relevant role in our everyday lives. This remains true not just inside the home, as evidenced through the use of devices like the popular Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but across nearly every industry as well.

In fact, 2020 saw more IoT device connections than non-IoT device connections for the first time ever. As 2021 kicks off, IoT integrator ClearObject makes some predictions about which will be the most defining IoT trends of the year. …


We’re ClearObject, a leader in digital transformation. We integrate IoT systems and develop, deploy, and manage breakthrough solutions and digital data products

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